3 Effective Home Remedies For Leaky Gut

Till a few years back, doctors did not bother much about the leaky gut until modern research and studies associated it with many autoimmune and chronic health conditions.

The intestinal wall, which is a major component of our immune system, is normally semi-permeable in nature, which prevents toxins, undigested food and bacteria from passing out into the blood stream.

When the intestine gets inflamed due to specific causes, the balance is disrupted and the wall is damaged. This allows the toxins and the food molecules to ‘leak’ out into the bloods stream triggering a host of autoimmune disorders.

Since the wall is damaged, the intestine also loses the capacity to produce enzyme or digest food properly. This condition is termed as the leaky gut and can trigger a host of health implications ranging from the minor to the severe.

Discover The Truth About Leaky Gut Diets

It is best to cure a leaky gut in the natural way as a curb on the causes in addition to some lifestyle modifications.

The mucosal lining among all body parts has a terrific capacity to heal faster and better under normal circumstances. A bunch of home remedies are available which are effective to repair, recover and refresh the gut in a soothing way.

Let us see then what we can do to offer help to this damaged lining to make it feel and behave better.

1. Stomach Friendly Food

The first step to a tight gut is a stomach-friendly diet. Food is the most common cause of irritation and inflammation in this zone and to begin any remedy, spend some time and listen to your body and understand the type of food it is comfortable with and what food it is intolerable to.

Doctors usually suggest the exclusion of foods like wheat and gluten, dairy and soy from the diet list, as they have a special capacity to irritate the stomach lining.

A balanced combination of fresh fruit, veggies and fish and meat is recommended for sufferers of leaky gut. The food must be well-cooked and easy to digest, always.

2. Avoid Sugars and Alcohol – Learn To Love Yoghurt

Fibrous foods and food rich in anti-oxidants are a must if a leaky gut needs to be sealed with effect. Fermented food, alcohol,  sugar and starch are an absolute no-no – make sure that you exclude all types form your diet.

A good pro-biotic dose can rush in some ‘friendly’ bacteria like Lactobacillus and intestinal flora into your intestine which can work overtime to heal and repair the damage done to the walls. Yoghurt is a natural pro-biotic food which contains good doses of these tummy friendly bacteria and including scoops of it in your diet will surely enhance the intestinal health.

3. Garlic & Ginger

To exterminate the parasites living in the intestine, consume two cloves of garlic a day. Fresh ginger, cod liver oil and digestive enzymes found in spirulina and chlorella plant can also act as beneficial. Some important essential oils like flaxseed oils and fish oils can help to soothe the damaged tissues and repair the cells with accelerated pace.
Add supplements to your diet which can help in healing the gut wall. B-complex vitamins, folic acid, Vitamin B12 and the mineral selenium have been seen to produce favorable results when taken regularly with a balanced diet.

It is essential to remove any food item from your diet which you feel is aggravating your problem. The greatest culprits in this case can be sugar, caffeine, wheat, gluten, milk, alcohol and tobacco. A test for food allergies can make the picture clearer and it is wiser to abstain from these products if you want to enjoy a healthy gut free of leakage and seepage.

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