Treating Leaky Gut Naturally

A large percentage of the population suffer from leaky gut syndrome but very few are able to actually diagnose it correctly.

Many associate it with regular intestinal problems or bowel irregularities and do not look for the correct cure to treat it.

While medicinal treatment is available to seal a leaky gut, it is also true that most of the prescribed medicines treat the symptoms rather than curing the actual disease.

Drugs just help to mask the symptoms while ravages continue inside the intestine and the condition strikes back with full force once the treatment is stopped.

Discover How to Treat Your Leaky Gut Once and For All

The adverse side-effects of the drugs are another thing to consider if you are thinking of a medicinal treatment. Health experts agree that treating leaky gut naturally is the best thing that you can do to shove out this disease from your body and lock the doors to it for good.

A Better Diet

The first essential that a natural treatment adheres to while treating leaky gut is to holistically create a gut environment which is friendly, favorable and relaxing. And the primary step in this is to modify your food habits. Restructure your diet plan to make it healthy and balanced. Chuck out all junk and processed food from your platter.

Replace them with balanced portions of carbohydrate, protein and vitamins. Fresh fruit, green leafy veggies, fresh fish, lean meat and food containing natural vitamins can restore health back to your intestine. A food rich in fiber ensures that toxins and micro-organisms are eliminated from your body and your immune system stays fine.

Anti-oxidants also have a positive influence on the body as they exhibit a tight control on the free radicals which love playing havoc in the body.

Make a list of harmful foods that are not supposed to be included in your diet and stick it in a visible place in your kitchen. The list must contain white and starchy foods like white flour, empty calories like sugar, zero-nutrition foods like baked goodies and cookies, fermented food like alcohol and vinegar, and fungal products like pizza breads, cheese and mushroom.

To cleanse the intestine from the core, a healthy dose of pro-biotic can shove in a host of “friendly” bacteria like intestinal flora and lacto bacillus into your gut which are fast action super products to heal and repair the gut lining. Removing the “unfriendly” ones like yeast and Candida can show immediate results.

Small doses of digestive enzymes which come in plant extracts of spirulina and chlorella, when supplemented with a balanced diet, can work wonders to heal the gut. Natural digestive enzymes can be found in foods like papaya, mangoes, bananas and sprouts.  Apart from these, cod liver oil, fresh garlic cloves, fresh ginger can also help to kill the parasites in the body which work adversely and affect the immune system.

Should I Use Supplements?

Nutritional supplements that contain essential oils are a must if you want to treat a leaky gut naturally. Supplements containing fish oil, flax-seed oil, oil of oregano and evening primrose oil are recommended for a fast and soothing relief. Apart from this, products with L-glutamine and olive leaf extract are known healers for a leaking gut.

This is the final step of treating a leaky gut naturally, as they provide the gut the building blocks for a renewed intestinal layer. They activate natural cell repair and restore the mucosal barrier for locking out any seepage.

When you treat leaky gut naturally with these measures, you are bound to experience a result which is amazing. Your digestive problem will disappear, your energy level will shoot up, your pain will be eliminated and your overall health will improve.

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